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Here's a list of faves based on client results and our own experience. We love to share what works! * Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves or recommend to our clients. All opinions expressed here are our own. This page may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission. 

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The best eCommerce platform to build your online business on. Let's build it! Sign up for your free trial today!

Your ultimate theme toolkit. Create a custom website design with over 120+ expert-built sections/layouts. No coding knowledge required. Drag and drop to supercharge your theme. Lightning fast email support and live chat. Try it today!

* Our website is built using the free Dawn Shopify theme with the Design Packs App.

One of our favorite premium themes by OOTSB is Flex - it's just so flexible! See for yourself

Another great theme option by Pixel Union is Tailor - check out the demo here

Save 10% off of any OOTSB or Pixel Union theme by using the coupon code NELSON10. Requires purchasing the theme from their respective websites (not the Shopify Theme website).

* Only purchase Shopify OS 2.0 compliant themes.

Here are a few of our faves:

* Only purchase Shopify OS 2.0 compliant themes.

Themes published to the official Shopify theme store are extensively reviewed by Shopify staff. Themeforest themes do not go through this vigorous testing and are poorly supported.

For best results, select a theme from the official Shopify theme store or from a developer's website that has some themes already listed in the official Shopify theme store.

Rewind provides account-level backups of your Shopify store - including all of the data and content you have built into it. When you make a mistake or lose data due to a 3rd-party app or other incident, Rewind
gives you the options to restore your data: one item at a time, multiple items, or the entire store.

Click here to learn more

Everyone  should be able to enjoy your website , regardless of ability! Making it inclusive is the most significant step towards achieving a society that prioritizes the inclusion of all its people and values, everyone, for who they are, regardless of abilities.

Be Inclusive - click here


Build custom products with options including text, dropdown, calendar, file upload, swatches, button, checkbox & more. Click here to learn more

Very powerful editing capabilities. Managing a store with 100s of products? Easily bulk edit (even metafields). Schedule updates! Select the app from the dropdown. Click here to lear more

Allows your customers to make custom donations throughout your Shopify store, including POS and post-checkout. Click here to learn more


Get some ideas for your brand and logo colors by understanding how it connects to the emotion of your customers. Click here to view the guide

Use Shopify's free name generator to get brand or business name ideas. Describe your brand in one word and you'll see a list of options. Click here to try it out

The creative platform for custom graphic design: logos and more. Hire a talented designer or start a design contest. Click here to learn more

Easy-to-use image editing features, thousands of custom templates and stock images, background remover, and more! Select the Professional Plan so you can optimize/compress your images before uploading them to your website. Check it out today!

Free tool to make sure your spelling, grammar and tone are optimized. Chrome browser extension available. Click here to learn more


Product and site reviews including photo, video and Q&A. Social proof and boosts SEO. Connect to Google Ratings. Learn more and get started.

Full-featured & mobile optimized. Drive traffic & sales with personalized email & social campaigns based on wishlist activity. Free plan available. Click here to learn more.

Turn your customers into repeat purchasers by creating a powerful rewards program. Keep your brand top of mind. Check it out - click here

Accelerate your brand growth with reviews. Product reviews, ratings, and user generated content help you to give your customers a voice and acquire new customers. Smart integrations allow you to showcase your reviews where it counts.

Points programs, VIP tiers, and referrals build trust with your customers and reward them for engaging with you.

Click here to learn more


Convert more visitors into customers, create upsell & cross-sell campaigns, capture email addresses without popups and more. Learn more - click here

Increase sales with urgency, countdown timer, trust, BOGO, trust badges, promos, and more. Select the app from the dropdown. Free plan available. Click here to learn more

Give your shoppers more options and increase your customer lifetime value by offering subscriptions. Easy setup. Click here to learn more

Custom thank you page with upsells, cross-sells, pop-ups, upsell product recommendations, and urgency timers. 30-day free trial. Click here to learn more

Analyze your store’s sales data and your customers’ purchase behaviors for data-driven upsells, cross-sells, and order follow-ups. 21 Day Free Trial. Click here to learn more

Instantly sell in new markets by translating your store with Weglot. No duplicate websites. Fast, simple integration. Without a single line of code, your Shopify store can go from 1 language to 100+.

Compatible with all themes and apps.

Click here to learn more

Zonosplugins calculate cross-border duty and tax for online stores at checkout. Save time and stay compliant by collecting ALL international shipping fees at checkout. Customs compliance tool. Cross-border plugins. Cross border software. Cross border made easy.

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No coding knowledge required! Easily replace your ugly, boring Shopify notification emails with beautiful branded emails. Be sure to select a template with the paragraph left-aligned to make it easy for your customers to read them. A Must-Have - Get Orderly Emails Now

Omnisend has better pricing compared to Klaviyo. Omnisend offers more ecommerce-friendly features, like unique discount codes. Additionally, you can add videos to your campaign, or custom HTML for more advanced users.

Learn more about Omnisend - click here

Here's an example of their impressive automated workflow capabilities: You can start an abandoned cart workflow with SMS, follow up with an email, engage your customer the next day with a push notification discount, and then follow up with an email from there. When your customer does finalize their purchase, you can send order and shipping notifications via SMS. All from one automated workflow.

This means you can provide an omnichannel customer experience and offer your customers a choice in how they want to engage with your brand and on what channel.

Migrate to Omnisend for better deliverability, clear pricing and unrivaled customer support. Get 30% off your first 3 months, plus a full migration package on us. Use code READY4BETTER to get started!

Learn more about Omnisend - click here

Full-featured email marketing platform. Send automated email sequences based on user interaction with your brand. Learn More

Keep your emails out of your customer's spam folder. Spam trigger words to avoid or reduce in your subject line in an easy list. Learn More

Why not add your brand alongside the Google search results when someone is searching for your products?

You will need to connect your Shopify store to your GMC account - we don't recommend using the free Google Shopify App. Instead use the Feed for Google Shopping app by Simprosys.

Connect your Shopify products with your Google Merchant Center account for product listings in Google Search and Google Ads. Click here to learn more.

If you are unsure how to set up this app or want to make sure your integration settings are optimized - contact our team for assistance.


Keyword research tool to understand keyword search volume, identify seasonal trends, find trending topics, & more. Click here to get started with this free tool

Discover trends before they’re trending. Glimpse tracks every topic across the internet to identify growing trends. Stay ahead of your competition!

Check out their monthly report - click here and their Chrome extension - click here

Discover what people are asking about. Just enter 1 or 2 words about a topic. An untapped goldmine of content ideas. Click here to get started

Add your business to legitimate/high-value online directories that link back to your website: click here to see the list

Be sure to add your business to Apple Business Connect:

Not just for local businesses as it helps online traffic too.

If you’re looking to learn how to implement SEO related configurations in Shopify, check out the included guides and resources. Click here to learn more

Looking for some words of inspiration to kickstart your creative process? Magic Write in Canva Docs is your very own AI text generator to help you get out a first draft, fast. Simply start with a prompt and watch as copy, blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, brainstorms, and more appear in seconds. Sign up with Canva to get started

Ubersuggest is a FREE SEO tool that enables you to do keyword research, analyze competitors, do site audits and more! Level up your marketing today - click here


Deliver an amazing shopping experience for your customers with a mobile app that looks and works exactly how you want it to. 30-day free trial - click here to learn more

Amazon by Codisto lets you connect your Shopify store directly to any global Amazon marketplace to create, manage and sync product listings, keep inventory and product details in sync and receive and fulfil Amazon orders directly from Shopify.

Free plan available. 30-day free trial. Click here to learn more.

Spocket allows you to easily start dropshipping top products from US and EU suppliers. Over 500,000 products to choose from. Sign up for free! Click here to learn more


Gorgias helps you transform your customer support into a profit center.

True omnichannel management including SMS, phone, live chat, Facebook and Instagram comments and DMs, all in one place.

Gorgias was built for ecommerce, with deep integrations with Shopify which lets you see customer data and edit, refund, cancel or create orders right through your helpdesk app.

Click here to learn more

Protect your shop from form spam and bots. Stop fake orders, fake accounts, and checkout bots.

Analyze and protect your store in real-time against malicious activity designed to disrupt your business.

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Stop guessing! You must measure to be successful! Evaluate conversion rates, sales channels, your ROI, and more. Click here to setup your account

Tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and do well in Google Search results. Click here to setup your account

Very insightful. Understand how users behave on your site, what they need, and how they feel, fast. Heatmaps, recordings & more. Click here to learn more

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