Shopify Struggles?

Get Shopify Expert coaching guidance and consulting for high-flying success!

Shopify Struggles?

Get Shopify Expert coaching guidance and consulting for high-flying success!

How We Can Help

Launching and growing an eCommerce business isn't easy. "You don't know, what you don't know". Stop spinning your wheels. We can help your online business takeoff.

eCommerce Strategy

We will discuss your business goals and create a "big picture" strategy to reach them and prioritize each step.

Shopify 'How-To'

Learn step-by-step how to properly set up and run a successful Shopify store. Tailored to your brand's needs.

Apps, Tech & Processes

Get recommendations for apps, technology, & business processes to help you succeed.

Improve & Convert

Once your store starts to get a fair amount of traffic, let's review the data and look for areas of improvement.

Go Omnichannel

It's important to identify other sales channels, marketplaces, etc. to expand your marketing & sales reach.

Scaling Your Business

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, we can identify the areas to be delegated, improve processes, etc.

Shopify Dev & Set Up

Shopify theme & settings setup, custom website design and development, Shopify apps setup, sales channel configuration

Paid Ads

Google Ads (inc. Shopping with Google Merchant Center and feed app setup), Facebook, Instagram, display, remarketing

Email Marketing

Enhance Shopify notifications, email marketing strategy & setup, templates, campaigns, set up automated email flows

Social Media Marketing

Brand strategy, multiple posts, multiple platforms, hashtag research, stories, videos, more engagement with your followers

Graphic Design & Photos

Custom designs for your business, logo design, business cards, brochures, custom social media posts, product photography

Search Engine Optimization

Audits, strategy, keyword optimization, website optimization, business profiles, link building


Consulting Services

Wearing too many hats? Looking for experts to help you launch and grow your online business? We can help.

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Hi! I'm Monique "Mo" Nelson, your eCommerce Co-Pilot! I started ECOMflight with the sole objective to help other online business entrepreneurs succeed.

My Background?

I launched an apparel manufacturing business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos) selling online direct to consumers and wholesale.

I built my company into 3 distinctly different and successful brands with different tribes, selling on multiple platforms, shipping worldwide and later sold the business.

Since then, I’ve become a Shopify Expert & Partner who has personally coached and consulted over 500+ entrepreneurs. I LOVE helping my clients launch and grow their businesses!