About ECOMflight

We are a hand-picked team who specialize in coaching and consulting you, the small / medium business entrepreneur, who is interested in starting or growing your online business on the Shopify E-Commerce platform. We thrive on solving the business challenges our clients are struggling with.

Your ECommerce Co-Pilot

Mo Nelson CEO at ECOMflight in Long Beach California

Monique "Mo" Nelson began her journey as a U.S. Marine where she spent four years active duty in Quantico, Virginia and Okinawa, Japan (MOS 3513).

Mo became a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. After being injured on-duty, she had to find a new career path. Bring it!


She always had an interest in computer technology and project management. Over the years Mo has attended various training programs and received many professional certifications.

Some of her training highlights are Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Project Management, Apple courses, Google E-Commerce and Digital Analytics Courses, Wharton Business Foundations Program and many more as she is a continuous learner.

Where She's Been

Mo has held multiple IT and business positions over the years: computer programmer, network administrator, web developer, network and security manager, operations manager, IT systems specialist, seagull trainer (just kidding! ha ha) and lastly an e-commerce entrepreneur.

E-Commerce Entrepreneur Journey

Everything came together in 2008, when Mo decided to solve a problem many tattooed professionals were struggling with... how to cover up their tattoos in order to comply with their company's tattoo policy. So began the journey of Ink Armor / Tat2X.

The first Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves were offered in two skin tone colors as a full arm and half arm sleeve made of nylon / spandex material. As the years went on, the variety of colors, styles and sizes grew and even the branding.

As more customers used the sleeves for other uses, we developed additional brands - iM Sports and Skin Guards. The sleeves were perfect for athletes for sun protection and compression. They also helped protect the skin of older people with thinner skin from abrasions and minimized bruising.

Mo enjoyed the challenges of her apparel company, including product development, lean manufacturing, web development, digital marketing, multi-channel sales integration, social media and much more. 

The company had evolved into three e-commerce websites, two Amazon seller accounts, wholesale distribution, real-time inventory management between all sales channels, streamlined inventory management / shipping and business automation by leveraging technology and processes.

In 2016, Mo sold her successful apparel company so that she could devote all of her skills and expertise in e-commerce to help other entrepreneurs with a small or mid-sized online business.

What's Happening Now

Mo launched ECOMflight with a focus on coaching and consulting you, the small / medium business entrepreneur, who is interested in starting or growing your online business on the Shopify E-Commerce platform.

We offer an innovative hands-on approach: helping you create a vision for your online store, ensuring you are headed in the right direction with your marketing strategy and helping you to determine what to improve to increase your conversions.

At ECOMflight, you will be guided by someone who has been in your shoes literally. Having had our own eCommerce apparel manufacturing business that we built into three brands with different tribes, shipping worldwide and then sold the business.

We know what it takes to build a successful eCommerce business. If our team can help you on your e-commerce journey, don't hesitate in contacting us.  We would love to help!

Cooper Nelson saying hello to all of his new friends!

P.S. Cooper Says Hello!

Of course our team isn't complete without our mascot, Cooper, getting in the last word...  Have a Fabulous "Woof-Woof" Day!  =)