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VIP eCom Coaching + Consulting // 3hrs

VIP eCom Coaching + Consulting // 3hrs

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Save over $100 by purchasing a 3-hour coaching/consulting block ($215/hr instead of our regular $250/hr rate). Your time can be used for 1:1 Zoom video calls (recording option), support via email/project board chat, and technical support (Shopify tweaks, apps, marketing assistance, etc.). We will track any time used and keep you up-to-date on the progress of your tasks via our collab project board.

If your project(s) require more time, we will contact you to let you know we are close to exhausting the 3-hour block you purchased.

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It's Your Turn For... SUCCESS

What are you waiting for?

Hi! I'm Monique "Mo" Nelson, your eCommerce Co-Pilot! I started ECOMflight with the sole objective to help other online business entrepreneurs succeed.

My Background?

I launched an apparel manufacturing business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos) selling online direct to consumers and wholesale.

I built my company into 3 distinctly different and successful brands with different tribes, selling on multiple platforms, shipping worldwide and later sold the business.

Since then, I’ve become a Shopify Expert & Partner who has personally coached and consulted over 400+ entrepreneurs. I LOVE helping my clients as they launch and grow their online businesses!