Social Media Ad Management

Service Options

Do you want to reach a targeted audience to generate more sales with a better ROI on your ad spend? We give you the choice of Facebook or Instagram ads, both are a very cost-effective advertising platform with over 100 different targeting options (user interests, demographics, custom audiences, re-targeting, etc.).

We can help you find new customers to help you increase your sales and get more people to see your posts. Let our e-commerce flight crew here at ECOMflight help you get started and launched!

      Facebook or Instagram Special Mission Plan ($999/mo + one time setup fee $200) 

      • Conversion focused to generate sales
      • Ad creation (ad creative and messaging)
      • Includes tracking and analytics
      • For ad budgets up to $2,000/month

      Facebook or Instagram Supersonic Plan ($1999/mo + one time setup fee $200)

      • Includes everything in the Special Mission Plan
      • Create one landing page/sales funnel (including ongoing conversion optimization)
      • A/B split testing for ad creatives
      • For ad budgets up to $5,000/month

      Is your ad budget higher than $5,000/month? We would be happy to create a special quote for you - Contact Us today!

      Cancellation Policy:  Our service requires a 3 month commitment. You may cancel at any time after that, but we don't offer a refund for any remaining days already paid for since work is already underway for that time.