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Shopify eCommerce Coaching with Shopify Expert Monique "Mo" Nelson

Has Shopify been a struggle to launch or grow your online business?

Are you looking for ways to improve your Shopify website to increase sales conversions and create a better customer experience?

Are you thinking you don't know what you don't know and would like a business advisor and Shopify Expert to help you? You found her! :)

We can use the one-hour reserved time for a Zoom video call, support via email, and/or consulting work requested by you. Monique "Mo" Nelson, your Shopify eCommerce Coach, is ready to help you!

Your eCommerce Co-Pilot, Mo Nelson

Hi! Thank you for reaching out for help with improving your eCommerce business. ;)

My Background?

I launched an apparel manufacturing business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos) focused on selling online direct to consumers and wholesale accounts. 

I built my company into 3 distinctly different and successful brands with different tribes, selling on different platforms, shipping worldwide and later sold the business.

Since then, I’ve become a Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert who has personally coached and consulted over 400+ entrepreneurs. I love helping my clients as they launch and grow their online business!

I’d be happy to help you!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Dr. Lynn's Better Together Book Baskets
It is often difficult to find someone who is as excited about your business as you are!

My first Zoom consultation with Mo was awesome! I felt very comfortable talking with her and discussing my thoughts about growing my business. I have a lot of knowledge about the product I developed, but I have so much to learn about the business side. It can sometimes be overwhelming, to say the least. But I truly believe in my product and really want to know how to market it to consumers. After our video call, I am convinced that Mo will be able to coach me on how to become a successful online entrepreneur. She has already provided me with amazing ideas for growth, resources to explore, and a perspective that is so very insightful. ( is often difficult to find someone who is as excited about your business as you are!) Based on the expertise I feel I need right now, Mo is the person who can help me develop and grow my business into, not only one that consumers recognize as valuable, but one that makes me truly proud to own and operate.

Chandi’s Tees
I will definitely will be following up with her and highly recommend her services.

She was great and very honest about the work my site need. It what I needed to hear. She was also very professional. I honestly wish I paid for more time. I will definitely will be following up with her and highly recommend her services.

Primary Petals
Working with Mo is seriously the best investment for your Shopify store!

Mo helped us redesign our webpage to prioritize our customers experience and ensured all the backend aspects were set up correctly to enhance our store speed and our understanding of our customers use of our site. Mo is online, friendly, truly an expert and we would highly recommend her!

Monkey Mind
Mo has broad knowledge and technical expertise in everything you need to run a successful online ...

We run a home goods and fashion accessories store called Monkey Mind ( based out of Long Beach, CA.

We transitioned to a 100% online business after having had one foot in farmers markets/artisan fairs and another in e-commerce for about an year. For various Pandemic and non-Pandemic related reasons, we decided to go fully online middle of 2020.

For us, Mo's help has been absolutely critical for the success we've had since our launch. In the last few months we have gone from a virtually unknown store in the vast expanse of cyberspace to a small business with a growing customer base. Of course, we have a long way to go as a new small business competing against so many online businesses out there, but we know finally that we are on the right path, doing the right things.

Broadly the following are the areas Mo has helped us most with:
1) Shopify store setup and design guidance.
2) Online marketing and sales guidance.
3) General business strategy advice.

We feel that Mo has been so effective for us for the following main reasons:

1) She's already founded and operated multiple successful online businesses: this means that her advice is grounded in real world experience. Needless to say, this is absolutely invaluable in an e-commerce advisor. In fact we feel that this should be one of the primary criteria by which you evaluate an e-commerce advisor.

2) Depth of knowledge: Mo has broad knowledge and technical expertise in everything you need to run a successful online business: sales platforms (in this case, Shopify), online marketing, advertising, online business strategy among other things. If a particular area is not her forte, she can refer you to a vetted expert in the field. Often entrepreneurs without a technical background (like us) cannot adequately tell an expert from a charlatan (and there's so many of them in this business!). Mo's referrals have always been absolutely spot on and affordable.

3) Mo has a wonderfully friendly and reassuring personality and delivery style which makes her a highly effective communicator, something that's especially important when dealing with abstruse technical details. We always look forward to our sessions with her!
All of this to say, we can't recommend Mo highly enough for anybody who's starting an e-commerce business or someone who has an existing business but is feeling lost in the dizzying world of e-commerce. Mo will set your business right!

Tinsley Tarot
Mo helped me think about the solutions to problems I had not even considered

Mo is an excellent business mentor that brings unparalleled experience to the table. She helped me navigate and build my Shopify store as well as set up all the essential Google marketing tools. Mo helped me think about the solutions to problems I had not even considered, bringing a wise and talented perspective. I most definitely recommend ECOMflight's services to anyone needing assistance in taking their business to the next level.

The Foodie Channel
Quickly able to identify what works and what doesn’t work

Mo’s knowledge and expertise in the fields of marketing and ‘how to build a successful website’ and ‘how to grow your brand’ was impressive and refreshing. What I appreciated most is the enthusiasm and concern for the success of my business. But also, she is a straight-shooter. She is quickly able to identify what works and what doesn’t work. And as a new business, that’s exactly what we need. I would definitely recommend their services, especially if you are a new business, just getting started.

Point out about a million things that my site needed in order to be optimised for more conversions

In one short hour, Mo was able to point out about a million things that my site needed in order to be optimised for more conversions. Her insights are spot on, her knowledge and expertise is profound, and her manner of explaining and communicating really clear and lucid. If your site is generating traffic, but not converting sales, you definitely Mo to have a look at it!

Super highly recommended!

Working with Mo, I'm sure there's no problem she can't handle

Knowledge, honest, reliable, clear, fast, straight forward, punctual, accurate, follow up, and immediate execution are all Mo's characteristics.

I love working with her because she made me believe that there are still good people in this world. She worked on our website as if it is her private website. The results from working with Mo were simply moving from a stage of having a terrible website into a working and great website that has all the needed apps and features to help us in presenting our company and products in a professional and proper way.

In training sales people we used to say "OHIO" "Only Handle It Once". That is Mo's strategy, she handles every issue or problem once and one at a time and make secure any issues or problems are solved. She never left issues for the next time.

When working with Mo, I'm sure that no problem she can't handle. Mo reminded me with the old saying, "there is no impossible under the sun". If an issue was faced, not within her expertise, she will immediately contact the customer service of any provider and solve the issue. There is no postponing and no get back to it later.

Definitely highly recommended. If someone wants to build a great website, enhance it, solve any issue, add apps, chose the themes or even have a valuable consultation Mo is the one who can do it. It looks like Mo has access to most apps and tools that anyone might need to add to their website.

We suffered with the old website that we had and now we are more than highly satisfied with our new website. Besides, Mo always ask if we need any help which makes us feel that we have a great support and always there is an expert that is ready to help at anytime.

Thank you Mo.

The Drinking Buddy Shop
Helping you get your store and business to the next level

Mo is consistently insightful, helpful, and enthusiastic about helping you get your store and business to the next level. If she can't do something in the set time you have with her, she will get things done outside of it. I enjoyed every session I had with her and came away with lots of actionable steps that I immediately put to use.

Toner For Printers

Mo was a wonderful teacher on how to improve our Shopify page. She gave us valuable information on how to increase sales and directed us to a team that made our web page look more professional. A+++.