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Do you want to setup an automated email system built specifically for ecommerce success? Klaviyo is the answer! Let our team help you setup your account, create your branded email template (including updating your Shopify emails to match) and build out your email flows.

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If you are looking for a marketing strategy that not only helps you increase your sales, but creates customer loyalty - email marketing is the answer. 

Klaviyo - our recommended marketing automation and email platform designed to help grow your business and make more money.

You will be able to create powerful customer segmentations based on their interactions with your Shopify store for even greater sales opportunities.  Then you can send targeted emails with product recommendations and so much more.



You've decided to get started with Klaviyo. Let our team setup your Klaviyo account and integrate it with your Shopify store.

You'll also want to showcase your branding and create a consistent customer experience from Klaviyo and your Shopify emails.

What's Included:

1. Setup and integrate Klaviyo with your Shopify store.

2. Setup (1) Klaviyo newsletter opt-in in the footer.

3. (1) Klaviyo email template for your brand using the creatives and content you provide us with one round of edits.

4. Update 10+ Shopify notification emails to match your new brand template as closely as possible.

$349 USD



Two of the most important email flows, they're meant to remind visitors what they looked at and shoppers what they left behind in their cart. Great ROI.

What's Included:

1. Turn off the default Shopify abandon cart email (it can only send one anyway).
2. Create a customized flow for each.
3. Create (2) browse abandonment emails and (3) abandon cart emails.


Fires off when someone purchases from you. It is designed to educate and build excitement (not sell since they just bought from you). 

What's Included:
1. Create a customized flow for customers who just placed an order.
2. Create (5) loyalty emails, targeting both new and returning customers.


Kicks off when someone is ready to buy again. It is designed to push your customer to make another purchase. 

What's Included:

1. Setup a “Ready to Buy Again” segment. 
2. Create a customized flow as they get added to the segment.
3. Create (3) push emails.

Kicks off when someone hasn’t made a purchase in 6 or more months (depending on best practices for your industry). It is designed to reconnect your customer with your brand. 

What's Included:

1. Setup a “Ready to Win Back” segment. 
2. Create a customized flow as they get added to the segment.
3. Create (2) winback emails.

$525 USD

We will happily share best practices with you (topic, content, etc.). You provide us with the creatives and content.


If you need additional flows (sunset, etc.) or campaigns, let us know what you are looking for. We would be happy to provide you with a special quote.

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