eCommerce Coaching + Consulting | Review

Have you been struggling with conversions? Are you looking for ways to improve your Shopify website to create a better customer experience? Would you like to have a Shopify Expert help you? You found her!

Your Shopify website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and ROI Fusion will be reviewed and analyzed to determine what's going on and create recommendations for improvement. After the review is complete, you will jump on a Zoom video call to discuss.

Let's get started!

Your eCommerce Coach, Mo Nelson!

She's had her own e-commerce business (manufactured tattoo cover-up sleeves for working professionals with tattoos), built it into 3 brands, and later sold the ever growing business to follow her passion... helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their own business.

Since then, she's personally coached and consulted over 400+ entrepreneurs and she’d be happy to help you!  🤓

eCommerce Review Details

Step 1

Mo will review your Shopify website (design and Shopify Admin/backend settings), Google Analytics, Google Search Console and ROI Fusion.

Step 2

We will schedule a one-hour Zoom video call with you and your team to review all the findings & recommendations (option to record the session).

What we will need from you:

1. We will send a collaborator access request from our Shopify Partner account to your online store so that Mo can review the backend, theme settings, etc. Please authorize the access.

2. You will need to add Mo's email address as an admin to your Google Analytics account.

3. You will need to add Mo's email address as an admin to your Google Search Console account.

4. Let us know when #1 & 2 above is complete. Then we will add your project to Mo's calendar. Typically the review/analysis will be completed in one week.

Once Mo has completed the review/analysis, she will set up a time with you for your video call.

What Our Clients Are Saying // #WeAreGrateful

Gabriel Clothing Company - July 31, 2020
Provided great feedback and a lot of helpful tips! I have had Shopify for about five years, and learned so many things I did not know about. I feel confident with her advice and learned a lot of information about my website.

IQed - July 13, 2020
Mo was very responsive and gave us such a detailed analysis, we are excited to implement her ideas!

Lindsey Paige - July 11, 2020
Mo is excellent! She comes to the meeting prepared and ready to roll. She has given us great insight and extremely good strategies to implement. I would highly recommend Mo and will be using her in the future.

Easy Out Bed - July 6, 2020
Mo is terrific! I had no idea she could pack so much information into 1 hour. Everything she said was extremely helpful and on point. Before speaking with me, Mo already had preliminary ideas. She did her homework, which is why I picked her in the first place. Once I gave her more details she was off and running, helping me make a better site for my shoppers. Thank you!!!!

Grace of Design - June 6, 2020
Mo was great, she was concise and detailed regarding the areas that I needed to improve. She laid out a plan of action for me that was easy to understand. Glad I met with her.

Dogs : Love : Smiles - February 26, 2020
Mo Nelson gave me awesome advice, real solid ideas. So if you're thinking of opening a store or are operating a store now, talk to Mo Nelson . jja thx!

Le Nue Boutique - February 15, 2020
Mo was fantastic to work with! Communication throughout the entire process was always on time and clear. Our 1 hour call was full of helpful tips and suggestions to improve our conversation rates. I highly recommend working with Mo. Thank you for all the information provided Mo! Looking forward to working with you a again.

Eternal Ivory - January 6, 2020
Mo was great to work with - she provided so many helpful recommendations that we can't wait to implement and are sure they're going to make a huge difference for our business. We will definitely be working with Mo again!

Sperling Dermatology - November 6, 2019
Mo is awesome. Very smart, lots of great tactical and strategic advice, and full of great ideas. Definitely would work with her again. Highly recommend!

Estala Skin Care - October 3, 2019
Mo was amazing, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her highly and will use her again

Paneros Clothing - October 2, 2019
I had a great meeting with Mo. She came prepared with a lot of great suggestions and was able to explain a lot to me that I hadn't understood before. I can't wait to get started working with her and her team. She was super knowledgeable!

FLI Socks - August 8, 2019
Mo is very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. Definitely cares about her customers and wants them to be set-up for success. As a first-time Shopify store owner, her guidance was invaluable. Her assistance went above the looks and feel of the store, but also incorporated marketing strategies and planning with their user in mind. Would definitely recommend.

Merry Jane & Thor - May 28, 2019
Working with Mo brought my online store to a whole new level. She understands my business because she has been in the same position. There are so many pieces to running an E-commerce business and you need someone who can connect all the dots. Mo was an excellent resource to my company and my growth and a business owner.

Redneck Legends - May 24, 2019
OK first of all I rarely write reviews but with my experience with Mo, at ECOMflight, I just had to share. As a serial entrepreneur you discover your strengths and weaknesses in different areas that you may not even know you had. Mo's direction, experience in building and selling a company of her own really was the key to helping me and my companies. I've been burned in the past by other companies so rightfully I was skeptical but once things started rolling and results were evident I knew this was the right choice. There are so many "professionals" out there offering services with the wrong motive. Once you meet Mo you know she is not that type of person because she has been there and feels our pain. The patience, genuine interest and overall knowledge she attains is not the norm. We took an idea I had and built it to a now functional growing business, which I could not have done by myself. Though not mentioned, rest assured that RESULTS are guaranteed with ECOMflight.

BeanGoods - May 23, 2019
I've loved working with Mo over the past year. She is incredibly savvy in not only Shopify and web development but also email marketing, Amazon, google analytics and so much more! There's really nothing Mo cannot do I've found! She's super helpful and super detail oriented. I highly recommend working with Mo if you're looking to grow to e-commerce business!

Romeo Chocolates - May 22, 2019
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with ECOMflight! I had zero knowledge on how to set up my shopify site, and with Mo's assistance, I was able to get a detailed primer on how to use the functions, and most importantly, was empowered to make design and content decisions on my own once I became more comfortable. Each step along the way, ECOMflight helped me understand the technical aspects but also an aesthetic that will help to convert the content into sales. Some specific challenges I had with the site were image formatting, shipping logistics, and newsletter campaigns. Mo was instrumental in helping me understand these details via built-in Shopify functionality along with partner apps that are compatible with Shopify. All in all, it has been an extremely valuable working relationship. I would highly recommend Mo, and continue to rave about ECOMflight to my small business colleagues!