Make Your Marketing Message About Your Customer and Not You

Tip: It’s Not About You?

No... sorry... it’s about your customer!

The number one issue I run across when helping online business owners is they want to make their website and marketing focus all about them. They are excited and proud of what they have created. They want to blast out to the world about their fabulous products or services. I totally get it. I’ve been there and I still have to remind myself whenever I’m working any any new marketing initiative to avoid the trap.

What do I mean?

Are you just showcasing how fabulous your products or services are or are you talking about the problem your customers have that you can solve? See what we did there? We flipped it backwards. You need to connect to people about the pain point they are struggling with… and then you can show them how you can help. Make it about them.

How can you avoid the “It’s all about me” trap?

When you created your product or service did you first realize there was problem that needed solving? You shouldn’t start a business just because you like a certain “thing”, hobby or niche. You have to solve a REAL problem. Otherwise you will have difficulty finding and connecting with customers. What will happen? You will probably fail.

What should you have done differently?

To start with, typically the type of areas that do well are:

1. Increasing wealth - Let’s face it most people want more money. Identify what problem they are dealing with that crosses into your area of expertise, etc. This category typically does well if the economy slows down.

2. Improving relationships - This can be anything from a significant other, with a child, a boss, etc. You get the idea. Have you or someone you know struggled with a relationship and you have a special insight that could help?

3. Improving health / fitness - There’s all kinds of problems that come to mind for this one that you could focus on solving.

4. Expensive hobby - This can be a fun category that can do well, just remember if there’s a slow down in our economy you may be hit harder than some of the other areas.

What’s nice about going through this process is it will also help you identify WHO your customer is and WHERE they are. Connect with them and learn as much as possible about their issues. Then you are in a better position to build out your website and marketing strategies because you know how to put your customer first with your message.

The result?

The result is not only happy customers, but you will be more successful too. How? Easy… when you help them, they will not only spread the word for you, but they will also share with you how you can improve your product or service. As an added bonus, they may even share other product ideas for you to consider adding to your product lineup. Win - Win!

Think Customer-Centric when you think about your website design and digital marketing message. Put on your customer’s shoes and see where they take you. ;)

If I can help you in any way with your online business, please reach out. I would love to help you. 

Mo Nelson

Mo Nelson
ECommerce Strategist

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