ECommerce Tools


Do your best work with Google's suite of intelligent apps (formerly Google Apps). Get business email, video conferencing, online storage and file sharing. Google Suite
Professional email, office suite, online storage and more. Starts at $6/month. First 14 days free. ~ manage projects & communicate w/your team & clients
Manage your projects, communicate with your team or clients, share files and more.

Gorgias ~ customer support app built for ecommerce businesses Gorgias
Helpdesk app designed for Shopify stores - save time (money) and streamline your customer service operations.

WeWork is a great coworking space to network with other entrepreneurs and grow your business WeWork
Great co-working space with offices world-wide + fantastic vibe.

USPS Free Shipping Supplies USPS
Free Shipping Supplies - your local USPS office doesn't carry everything. Shipped to you free of charge.



Create beautiful on-brand marketing materials, presentations and social media graphics using Canva Canva
Super easy tool to create graphics for you website or social.

Branding Color Guide
Get some ideas for your brand and logo colors.

Google Fonts for branding design Google Fonts
Font ideas for your brand - title text and complimentary font for easy to read paragraph text.

Shopify Fonts for branding design Shopify's Font Library
List of fonts available in Shopify.



Shopify the Best ECommerce Platform Shopify
The best ecommerce platform to build your brand's website on. Want a free account while you build it? Contact us to learn more.

Out of the Sandbox creates professional Shopify themes for your website, check out the themes by Out of the Sandbox Our Recommended Shopify Theme - "Flex" (2nd favorite is Turbo)
Configurable in SO MANY ways, with multiple layouts and section options, more granular control of settings and it's easy to add custom CSS. Built by Out of the Sandbox.

Theme Updater will keep your Out of the Sandbox themes updated to the latest version Shopify Theme Updater
Keep your Out of the Sandbox Shopify themes up-to-date (more functionality and fixes) quickly and easily.

Customize your checkout experience with powerful features that decrease cart abandonment, convert more customers, and make it easier to sell internationally. Cashier
Customize your checkout experience, decrease cart abandonment, convert more customers and make it easier to sell internationally.

Add unlimited customizations and options to your products. Add extra charges when customers make selections, and conditional logic to show/hide options based on what custom fields are selected. Product Options
Add unlimited options - add extra charges when customers make selections & conditional logic to show/hide options based on the fields selected.

Customize your Shopify site to improve your customer's experience and expand the functionality of your store. More Bold Apps
More apps to customize your Shopify site to improve your customer's experience and expand the functionality of your store.



Recommended product review app that has product + site reviews including photo, video and Q&A Product Reviews
Our clients love this review app! It has product + site reviews including photo, video and Q&A.

Sell products to the shoppers who matter most — the ones looking for what you offer Google Shopping Ads
Why not add your brand alongside the Google search results when someone is searching for your product or service? We can help!

Setup Buy Now Pay Later service for your Shopify store customers Sezzle
Increase your average order value by offering a Buy Now - Pay Later payment option. Use code SZANAR during signup and get 30 days free!

email marketing platform. Powered by data, built for ecommerce and web businesses. Klaviyo
Email marketing is a MUST! Send not only email campaigns, but also automated emails based on your customer behavior/interaction.

Click here to compare your email marketing metrics against industry benchmarks.

Sticker Mule get your stickers and labels for a great price and get $10 off your order Sticker Mule
Share your brand and get $10 off your first order. Great quality and customer service.



TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for more than 15,000 online sellers and merchants across the world. TaxJar
Makes sales tax filing easier - saving you LOTS of time and you'll have fewer headaches.

Shipstation Shipstation
Do you have more complex shipping needs? Importing, managing and shipping your orders is now super easy.

The Rewind app will give you peace of mind by automatically backing up your most important store data. Rewind saves products and product images, customers, orders, blogs, blog posts, comments, collections, themes and all the theme files in their secure Rewind Vault.
Automatically backs up your most important Shopify store data.