Klaviyo Email Marketing Setup + Flows

Service Options

It's time to switch from your old-fashioned Email Service Provider (ESP) - think Mailchimp - and upgrade to Klaviyo. Klaviyo can still send email campaigns like you've always done, but now you can...

  • Create segments based on your customer's interactions with your store to then send targeted emails and increase your sales
  • Trigger automated emails based on custom events
  • Test a series of automated emails to improve your ROI
  • Spend less time trying to organize your email lists and you won’t pay for the same contact over and over again just because they’re on multiple lists
  • Voted the best for high volume sending, deliverability, email personalization, email automation and quality of support

Setup + Template + Emails ($1499)

  • Setup Klaviyo account and integrate with your Shopify store
  • Create your brand template - design, code and setup in Klaviyo
  • Update all Shopify notification emails with new brand template layout

Klaviyo Campaign + 1 Email ($149)

  • Setup a new email campaign
  • Create the email for the new campaign

Klaviyo Flow + Email (starts at $349)

  • Create an email flow
  • Create email(s) for the flow

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