Google Ads Management

Looking to start or re-launch Google Ads for your e-commerce business? We offer an affordable “grow with you” pricing plans starting at $249/ month. Not sure what type of ad blend you would like to setup? We are happy to provide you with our recommendations.

We can help you with any of the following Google Ad formats:
- Shopping
- Remarketing
- Display
- Search
- YouTube Ads

Requires a three month subscription. Scroll down to learn more about our service...

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Do you want to grow your business? Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to increase your revenue. Why? Because 5.6 billion searches are performed every day and the number continues to increase.

Why not add your brand alongside the Google search results when someone is searching for your product or service? Silly question, right? Let our e-commerce flight crew here at ECOMflight help you get there!

We will manage any of the following Google Ad formats you are interested in:
- Shopping
- Remarketing
- Display
- Search Ads
- YouTube Ads

"Ad Spend" Explained

Our ad management service doesn't include your ad spend. Once your Google Ads account is setup, Google will charge your credit card for any active ads. 

To utilize our services, your ad spend must be $150/month and up. You can change your ad spend amount at any time, just let us know.

Next Steps After Sign Up

1. We will email you with the information we need to setup your Google Ad account and ad campaigns.

2. Once we receive all of the information needed from you, we will setup your ad campaigns based on the information we find on your website and what you provide us. We will also add tracking / remarketing code to your website (if needed).

3. We will monitor and optimize your campaign(s) for a month and provide a detailed report (delivered on the 3rd of each month). The report email will also contain any recommendations, next steps, etc. 

4. We make any changes to the ads based on feedback from you.

5. We continue to monitor and optimize your account and provide monthly reports.

Images for Remarketing or Display Ads

You can provide us with the graphic you would like to use or we can create them for you. If we create them for you, we will send them to you for approval.

Once approved, we will upload them for Google's approval (typically 3-5 business days). Ads start once 100+ people have seen the page with the remarketing code is installed on it.

Your Google ad management subscription will automatically renew each month (minimum 3 months required), unless you terminate the subscription prior to the next renewal period. We don't offer a refund for any remaining days already paid for since work is already underway for that time. 

Is your Google Ad budget over $5000/month?

We typically discount our rates based on the complexity of your account. Let's chat!