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Radiant Roots: Clean Beauty Marketplace

Radiant Roots: Clean Beauty Marketplace

Radiant Roots is changing our planet by being the one-stop shop for clean beauty with a complete rebuild of their marketplace website.

Radiant Roots is a clean beauty marketplace that brings us back to our roots and origins by showcasing plant-based products from socially-responsible brands that create natural, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly beauty products. Mo at ECOMflight, worked with Radiant Roots to build a robust Shopify-powered website to feature their products in an easy to navigate and beautiful way.

With up to 60% of what we put on our skin going directly into our bloodstream it's vital that we protect ourselves from toxins. Radiant Roots does the hard work for us by sourcing only the best natural beauty products. Radiant Roots isn't just about beauty and self-care, but rather a fundamental lifestyle change.

"Everything changed when I started working with Mo. I came to her with a horribly-run Wordpress website that was extremely slow and not user friendly. I was losing a lot of customers simply due to the web page and operations. Mo suggested that I switch to Shopify, and that was the best business decision yet. Every small detail that she suggested resulted in big results. Now, because of Mo, my website is fully-functional, automated, and beautiful."

- Michelle Wolzinger, Founder of Radiant Roots

What happens when a revolutionary marketplace brand works side-by-side with the ECOMflight team? You get a sales-optimized, beautiful and robust website.

Before building the new Shopify site it was important to understand the challenges Radiant Roots was dealing with. We found her Wordpress website was extremely slow, not sales-optimized and lacked functionality needed for a robust e-commerce marketplace website.

In order to achieve the relaunch they needed for a marketplace website, the plan was obvious. We selected the Turbo premium Shopify theme as it was built with the sole focus of being a blazing fast, highly configurable and optimized in a way that fit Radiant Roots perfectly.

We were able to work side-by-side with the Radiant Roots team through the process of setting up products, fulfillments, shipping, etc. to ensure that all operations were automated and effective. We assisted them with every detail, including incorporating GSuite, Google Analytics, and other important apps with their Shopify website to help protect and automate.

Mo also assisted with branding as she helped the Radiant Roots team with selecting fonts, colors, styles, and images to ensure the website looks high-quality and professional. We wanted to make sure every small detail resulted in big results. Now Radiant Roots has a robust, high-performing website that is fully-functional, automated, and beautiful.

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How They Reached Their Goals

Radiant Roots was able to reach their goals by working in partnership with ECOMflight by engaging our services: