Miss Military Mom: Nursing T-Shirt

Miss Military Mom brings convenience to other military mothers with a brand new website launch.

Miss Military Mom is the manufacturer of a nursing t-shirt that’s compatible to wear with the military combat uniform. Their nursing t-shirt is a windfall for military mothers. Mo at ECOMflight, worked with Miss Military Mom to build a Shopify-powered website to showcase their practical solutions in an easy to navigate and attractive way.

As every military supermom has found out, trying to breastfeed or pump while in uniform is quite a challenge! You have to deal with multiple layers of your uniform, unfasten several buttons and pull your t-shirt over your breasts completely exposing your postpartum belly. No more! Miss Military Mom’s breastfeeding t-shirts make the process quick, easy and discreet.

"Working with Mo was the best business decision I've made since launching my company! Very shortly after we started working together Mo assessed my current operations. She then suggested and helped me implement a business model that immediately and consistently tripled my sales & avoid several costly errors."

- Kenisha Heath, Founder of Miss Military Mom

What happens when a pioneering woman-owned brand works side-by-side with the ECOMflight team? You get a sales-optimized, beautiful website with digital marketing layered on top.

Before building the new Shopify site it was important to understand the goals Kenisha had for her new Miss Military Mom brand. We were then able to provide informed and actionable e-commerce recommendations and help the business build a solid foundation for their new site launch and future growth.

In order to accomplish the goals Miss Military Mom had, we selected the Venture Shopify theme as it was designed to look great on any device with its bold minimal layout with a promotional bar. A great fit for the inventive Miss Military Mom products.

Ths Miss Military Mom project kickoff included a proper prep: identify the brand (logo, colors, fonts), optimize product and lifestyle photos, write product titles and descriptions, decided on categories / collections for the layout and navigation, SEO, etc.  We have often found this step to be incomplete or poorly implemented when we've performed a website review. It can make the difference between a poor website design execution and success.

The Miss Military Mom website includes a straight-forward customer path to quickly identify which nursing t-shirt is available for which branch of military service the Military mothers were in, select the quantity of shirts and checkout quickly and easily. The use of high quality photos, multi-pack discounts and social media integration was a vital aspect of the launch.

We also assisted in providing them with direction for the development of their business' social media platforms which was pivotal in reaching their target audience and multiplying sales. They are happy with the result as 99% of their sales is referred from Facebook.

Since its launch, the Miss Military Mom team has found Shopify to be easy to manage and the customer service has been amazingly fast and efficient. The company ended their first year in the black  (while many businesses take more than a year to gain a profit), and doubled sales in the second year!  To top it off, their business is in the top 10% for sales of all businesses started on Shopify in the same week as theirs.

Client Website: MissMilitaryMom.com

How They Reached Their Goals

Miss Military Mom was able to reach their goals by working in partnership with ECOMflight by engaging our services: