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Hanging Secrets: Lingerie Organizer

Hanging Secrets: Lingerie Organizer

Hanging Secrets helps empower more women with a completely rebuilt customer-centric website.

Hanging Secrets is the producer of a unique lingerie organizer that inspires women to celebrate their femininity rather than conceal it in a dark drawer by protecting and displaying their intimate apparel. Mo at ECOMflight, worked with Hanging Secrets to build a Shopify-powered website to showcase their luxe products in an easy to navigate and engaging way.

As every woman has witnessed for herself, all the money spent on bras can be wasted quickly when you continually push them down into a drawer. We knew we needed to help Hanging Secrets promote their Closet Bra Organizer in a way that revealed the high quality and attention to detail used in its creation. Their high end product is a money-saving game changer for many women.

"Mo is an expert in creating websites on Shopify. She first analyzed our existing website to understand our product concept and challenges. She then made recommendations that were put into action. The end result is a beautiful clean layout that is engaging and very easy for our costumers to navigate and shop with one click. We were able to improve our website speed and maximize our SEO (search engine optimization).  Mo clearly understood the sense of urgency and met our deadlines. I really enjoyed working with Mo as she’s very business savvy and doesn’t mind teaching you during the process."

- Frances Prado, CEO and Inventor of Hanging Secrets

What happens when an innovative brand inventor works side-by-side with the ECOMflight team? You get a sales-optimized, beautiful website with digital marketing layered on top.

Before building the new Shopify site it was important to understand the Hanging Secrets’ story, their current business objectives and future goals. We were then able to provide informed and actionable e-commerce recommendations and help the business build a solid foundation for future growth. Switching the focus from being brand / product-focused to customer-focused was pivotal.

In order to achieve the sales-optimized relaunch they needed, the plan was clear-cut. We selected the Mobilia premium Shopify theme as it was built from the ground up to showcase boutiques carrying top shelf products in apparel. Perfect for the ingenious Hanging Secrets products.

The project kickoff included a proper prep: identify the brand (logo, colors, fonts), optimize product and lifestyle photos, rewrite product titles and descriptions, decided on categories / collections for the layout and navigation, etc.  We have often found this step to be incomplete or poorly implemented when we've performed a website review. It can make the difference between a poor website design execution and success.

The Hanging Secrets' new website includes a straight-forward customer path to quickly learn about their innovative product features, brand quality and how the customer will be a part of giving back to a bigger cause - fighting cancer. The use of high quality photos, story-telling videos and social media integration was a vital aspect of the launch.

Client Website:

How They Reached Their Goals

Hanging Secrets was able to reach their goals by working in partnership with ECOMflight by engaging our services:

Marketing In Progress:Amazon Seller account with optimized product listings and advertising, Google AdWords remarketing & shopping ads and more to come...