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Cowhugger: Vegan Boutique

Cowhugger: Vegan Boutique

Cowhugger Vegan Boutique continues to evolve fashion with their conversion optimized site.

Cowhugger is a vegan fashion boutique featuring men's and women's cruelty-free shoes, bags, belts, accessories; showcasing compassion, fashion and plant based life. Mo at Nelson eCom, worked with Cowhugger to transform their Shopify-powered website so that it showcased their brand in an easy to navigate and captivating way.

Fair and ethical is what the Cowhugger brand is all about as they only purchase from companies that support their guaranteed cruelty-free policy. We knew we needed to help Cowhugger promote their vegan boutique products in a way that made it more obvious what their brand was about and what they were selling.

"Mo has provided us invaluable guidance as we have grown our business. When I first met, Mo, we were struggling with our e-commerce platform. It is supposed to be user friendly for the layperson, but there were a number of obstacles we ran into that even with help from a friend who had some programming experience. We had issues with configuring our website to be more user friendly and intuitive, and in design and function.

Mo was able to figure out a solution to most of our problems and where it required help from the template designers, she helped us to frame our questions and requests for assistance in a way that provided for effective answers that did not wast time.

She has challenged us with questions designed to help us refine our approach to improving our customer outreach and our marketing and to creating a business that is true to our vision.

Mo's own experience with creating and running a successful online retail business has allowed her the unique understanding of the challenges in growing an online business.

We have been able to ask her about everything from website design, shipping, materials sourcing and marketing. She is a wealth of information and if she doesn't have the information at the time, she has a good idea of where to find it.

She has a sharp eye when it comes to looking at a website and noting what works and what doesn't and where improvements can be made not only in aesthetics but also in efficiency.

In all this, she maintains a positive, upbeat, cheerful, encouraging spirit and what seems an endless supply of patience.

We are looking forward to continue our relationship with Mo as we expand our business with the confidence that comes from having such an amazingly talented and experienced business coach on our side."

- Stephanie Terronez & Patrick Burwell, Founders of Cowhugger Vegan Boutique

What happens when a hip new brand works side-by-side with the ECOMflight team? You get a sales-optimized, beautiful website with digital marketing layered on top.

We started our journey with Cowhugger by doing a sales-optimized site review so that we could better understand their brand and provide the feedback they needed to improve their website engagement and sales. One of the first things we noticed was we didn't really know what the website was about. We went through the entire customer path and developed a game plan for improvement.

Cowhugger had built their site using the Fashionopolism Shopify theme that offered a big online store feel with plenty of customization options. One problem was they needed additional navigation features that were only available in the latest version of the theme. Our team assisted Cowhugger in upgrading their Shopify theme to the latest version. We were then able to build out the navigation in a more user-friendly way.

We also helped them in making it more obvious who Cowhugger was and better convey their story. Now website visitors can immediately understand who Cowhugger is and find what they are looking for easily. We also determined that the site was loading very slowly and educated the Cowhugger team on how to optimize their image sizes to greatly improve website performance.

Search engine optimization (SEO) was also an issue as it was either missing altogether or not optimized. We worked together to ensure the SEO information was updated with relevant keywords and text to align with their brand and desired customers.

Custom coding was also done to provide additional functionality. One example is the shopping cart messaging to encourage customers to purchase more items to receive free shipping. Other custom coding was completed to improve the look and functionality of the site.

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How They Reached Their Goals

Cowhugger was able to reach their goals by working in partnership with ECOMflight by engaging our services: