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Burnin' Beak: Pepper Jelly

Burnin' Beak: Pepper Jelly

Burnin' Beak cooks up even more of their tasty Pepper Jelly with a complete website rebuild.

Burnin' Beak is the maker of sweet, tangy and spicy pepper jellies. They're cooked up with love in their kitchens and delivered right to your door. We personally can't get enough of them! Mo at ECOMflight, worked with Burnin’ Beak to build a Shopify-powered website to feature their tasty pepper jellies in an easy to navigate and captivating way.

Tori is a true artisan when it comes to making Burnin' Beak pepper jelly recipes. Her Habanero Pepper Jelly is offered in three different heat levels and there's also a Golden Ghost Pepper Jelly. With so many different ways to spice up your life, the sky is the limit with what you can create with it.

"ECOMflight helped me build a beautiful, brand new, high powered website through Shopify which is currently bringing me more customers than ever before. Mo Nelson walked me through each and every important step with patience, precision and the most up-to-date knowledge and skill. Her communications and support were of the highest level. Top recommendations for ECOMflight!"

- Tori Kormanik, Founder of Burnin' Beak

What happens when a pepper jelly artisan works side-by-side with the ECOMflight team? You get a mobile-friendly, beautiful website with Google AdWords remarketing & shopping ads layered on top.

To reach their business goals, we needed to assess their current challenges and understand their future business goals. Burnin' Beak was clearly missing out on a significant amount of sales since their existing website (built on Weebly) was not mobile-friendly. Mobile visitors represent over 50% of the online shoppers so we needed to change that! We also learned their platform was missing some desired e-commerce functionality.

In order to get the results Tori was looking for, we selected the Debut Shopify theme since it was mobile-friendly and offered the features and layout options desired. It was a great choice as it would present their products beautifully.

As with all of our project kickoffs, we included a proper prep: identifying the brand (logo, colors, fonts), optimizing product and lifestyle photos, rewriting product titles and descriptions, deciding on categories / collections for the layout and navigation, etc.  We have often found this step to be incomplete or poorly implemented when we've performed a website review for our clients. Proper prep can make the difference between a poor website design execution and success.

Burnin Beak's new website includes a straight-forward customer path to quickly learn about their tasty pepper jelly products, serving suggestions and some fabulous recipes incorporating the pepper jelly into appetizers, meals and even cocktails. The use of beautifully captured, high quality photos and social media integration was a vital aspect of the launch.

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How They Reached Their Goals

Burnin' Beak was able to reach their goals by working in partnership with ECOMflight by engaging our services: