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eCommerce Tools & Resources

eCommerce Tools & Resources

List of Helpful eCommerce Tools & Resources

Looking for apps, tools, and resources to build a better online business? Here's a list of our favorites based on our client's results and our own experience. If you have a favorite not on the list, let us know. We love to share what works!

Shopify Themes

The best ecommerce platform to build your business website on. Want a free account while you build it? Contact us to learn more.

Our Favorite Shopify Themes 
Flex is configurable in SO MANY ways, with multiple layouts (like no other theme out there) and section options, more granular control of settings and it's easy to add custom CSS. Here are other great themes by Out of the Sandbox. 

Other Recommended Shopify Themes
High quality themes built by our other favorite Shopify theme developer - Pixel Union. Offers many more built-in options compared to other themes, frequently updated, excellent support documentation and an app to automate the theme update process.

Shopify Theme Updater (automated)
Keep your Out of the Sandbox or Pixel Union Shopify themes up-to-date (more functionality and fixes) quickly and easily.


Branding Color Guide
Get some ideas for your brand and logo colors.

Google Fonts
Font ideas for your brand - title text and complimentary font for easy to read paragraph text.

Shopify's Font Library
List of fonts available in Shopify.

High-quality business cards, notebooks and more. Save 25% off or more on your first order.

Sticker Mule
Share your brand and get $10 off your first order. Great quality and customer service.

Images + Editing + Content

Super easy tool to create graphics for your website or social posts.

Online Video Maker
Create professional videos for websites, social media, ads easily with this free tool.

Check your grammar! Free tool to make sure your spelling, grammar and tone are optimized.


Wholesale Club
The easiest way to offer wholesale pricing on Shopify. Add-ons with advanced features available to increase your AOV.

Customer Service

Helpdesk app designed for Shopify stores - save time (money) and streamline your customer service operations.


USPS - Free Shipping Supplies
Your local USPS office doesn't carry everything. Shipped to you free of charge.

Do you have more complex shipping needs? Importing, managing and shipping your orders is now super easy.

Team Collaboration

G Suite
Professional email with your own domain to match your brand, office suite applications, online storage, and more.

Web-based Kanban-style list-making application that's great for project management whether you are a single user or a team.
Manage your projects, communicate with your team or clients, share files and more.


Makes sales tax filing easier - saving you lots of time and you'll have fewer headaches.

Analytics & Tracking

ROI Fusion Analytics
In order for you to grow your business, you have to track and analyze your marketing efforts. Doing so you will understand where along the customer journey you are losing sales, know the characteristics of your higher-spending customers to target more people like them, and focus your marketing efforts on what works for your brand to save money & time!
It's our favorite tool - we use it daily to help our clients.

Google Analytics
Web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Google Search Console
Tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Increase Conversions + AOV (Average Order Value) Product Reviews App
Our clients love this review app! It has product + site reviews including photo, video and Q&A.

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus
If your Shopify theme doesn't have a shipping calculator built-in, install this app to improve your conversion rate. A MUST!

Ultimate Sales Boost
Increase sales with urgency, countdown timer, trust, BOGO. Pick the app from the dropdown (they have other cool tools too).

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell App
Design a thank you page for post checkout upsell & cross sell.

Offer a Buy Now - Pay Later payment option. Use code SZANAR during signup and get 30 days free!

Buy Now - Pay Later payment option. Transparent solution for your shoppers with no credit checks, no interest, no hidden fees, and no catch.

Buy Now - Pay Later payment option. Tailored pay-over-time solution to help your business grow.

Email Marketing

Orderly Emails Shopify App
Easily replace your ugly, boring Shopify emails with beautiful branded emails. One-time cost.

Email marketing in less time — right inside your shop's Admin with baked-in best practices and one-click automations.

Full-featured, robust email marketing platform. Don't just send email newsletters, but also automated emails based on your customer behavior/interaction.

Google Postmaster Tools
Check your Gmail email deliverability.

Spam Trigger Words
Spam trigger words to avoid or reduce in your subject line.

Comparison Shopping

Google Shopping Ads
Why not add your brand alongside the Google search results when someone is searching for your product or service?